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To promote and develop the sport of Transplant Football and the development of persons interested in the sport primarily across England, but not excluding Wales.

ETFA will provide any person who has received an organ donation, Stem-Cell or Bone Marrow transplant the opportunity to access Transplant Football at a grassroots, club and national level.

To maintain the organisation’s non-profit status and provide funds to allow the above operations to function where required.


England trials are a great success

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Transplant Football Trials

England trials are a great success

St Georges Park Welcomes England Transplant Football Club

The home of England FA hosted the first-ever trials of the new England Transplant football club. The day Involved transplant recipients from all over the United Kingdom competing for places to play for their county on the International stage.

St Georges Park in Buron-Upon-Trent was the ideal venue to host the first-ever England transplant FC trials. A host of transplant and dialysis recipients from around the UK attended on a lovely spring St Georges’s day. They were taking their first steps on a journey that could see them progress onto a Senior Men’s, Women’s or a development team.

Finding Talent for the Future

Representatives from the England Transplant Football Association, alongside the coaching team, were on hand to evaluate the player’s potential. They were following the recognised Talent id Pathway, finding players they could mould into the England DNA playing philosophy.

The ETFA team focuses on identifying and developing players with strong characteristics that will fit with the core values of an England team. The FA Four corners model evaluates a player's technical skill, physical, tactical and psychological attributes.
Transplant Football Trials

Football For All

It was terrific to see transplant players from 16 years to 50 playing alongside each other in a friendly but competitive environment. Throughout the day, everyone supported and cheered each other while taking part in the fitness and skills tests. Building bonds that are sure to last forever.

The England Transplant football trials were rounded off with two 30 minute seven-a-side games officiated by a professional FA Referee. Offering a chance for the players to showcase their skills in a competitive match and demonstrate why they should be the next England transplant football player.

Transplant Football Trials
Pictures Courtesy of Phil Horan Photography

International Friendly

Players will find out this week if they have done enough to secure a place in the Men’s Senior or development teams. To play a friendly against Holland on May 28th 2022 at the TOP Oss Stadium at Nelson Mandelaboulevard.

Keep posted for an announcement this week on all our platforms.

Get Involved In Transplant Football

If you would like to find out more about how you can get in involved in transplant football. As a player, coach or supporter please email info@transplantfootball.com

Or you can find a local event, tournament or trial by clicking get involved.

Sponsor our Senior Teams

We are looking for a National or International brand to join our journey and sponsor our Men’s and Women’s senior team kit.

The transplant football game is growing rapidly around the globe with the World Games and Future Internationals on the agenda. If this is something that fits in with your brand ethos, please contact us today at marketing@transplantfootball.com

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