Mission Statement

To promote and develop the sport of Transplant Football and the development of persons interested in the sport primarily across England, but not excluding Wales.

ETFA will provide any person who has received an organ donation, Stem-Cell or Bone Marrow transplant the opportunity to access Transplant Football at a grassroots, club and national level.

To maintain the organisation’s non-profit status and provide funds to allow the above operations to function where required.


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We Make History

Where possible, ETFC will engage with and direct new players, of all ages and gender, to a local club, where they can access transplant football at a level that best meets their needs.

We’ll support, co-ordinate and help set up new Transplant Football clubs in the UK. Our “U-try” Para Hub sessions will be available across the country. We ensure that associated teams provide recreational football and have access to competitive football as part of our development strategy.

We will be looking for new club partners to deliver a series of Junior & Adult “U-try Hubs for 2023; please get in touch with us if you can help.
Contact: u-try@transplantfootball.com 

We also support the England Transplant National Squads, ensuring that the teams access training. As well as receive funding & support to participate in European & World events, helping grow the game internationally.

We can only do this amazing work with your kind support. If you would like to help us provide this service, help support our Transplant Football community. From Individual players at grassroots, regionally and Internationally. Please visit our online donation facility at Go Fund Me and follow the simple donation instructions.
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While we will be continually running events nationally to help support our organisation. Please think about setting up your own sponsored event on our behalf. We can help you promote and set-up your fundraising ideas so that they stand out. Thanks for your support.
Contact: volunteer@transplantfootball.com

Grassroots to National

This Is Our Story

Follow our story as we help grow transplant football around the country.
England Transplant Football

Our Men’s Senior teams are now running trials for upcoming international friendlies. It’s fully inclusive for organ, stem-cell and bone marrow recipients. 16+, all genders are welcome to take part.

Walking Football

Walking football is a slower-paced form of football, that’s fantastic for the over 50’s to continue to stay fit and enjoy the beautiful game.


Improve your dribbling, control and ball skills. Futsal is an exciting fast-paced small-sided game for everyone. Find a local club near you

Get in touch

If you would like to get involved and would like more information about what we do, please contact us using the details below, we would be happy to explain more in person or over the phone or email.

  • 07455 140 648
  • info@transplantfootball.com