Mission Statement

To promote and develop the sport of Transplant Football and the development of persons interested in the sport primarily across England, but not excluding Wales.

ETFA will provide any person who has received an organ donation, Stem-Cell or Bone Marrow transplant the opportunity to access Transplant Football at a grassroots, club and national level.

To maintain the organisation’s non-profit status and provide funds to allow the above operations to function where required.


NKF Charity Partnership

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NKF Charity

NKF Charity Partnership

England Transplant Football Club and the NKF Charity join forces.

We are delighted to announce our new charity partnership with the National Kidney Federation (NKF). Our association believes that joining forces with this well-known kidney charity will help us reach more patients nationally. Therefore, raising greater awareness of the benefits of organ donation and giving more opportunities for patients to get involved in Transplant Football.

Our clubs will be supporting NKF initiatives through local and national fundraising challenges and events over the coming years. Including offering support through our website to patients’ on kidney and dialysis with news and advice.

NKF Head of Marketing and Fundraising, Pete Revell, commented:

``The National Kidney Federation are delighted to be working with the England Transplant Association to support patients even further. Raising awareness of organ donation is incredibly vital. We are confident that this will strike up those important conversations around the country with the players sharing their voices and experiences. The NKF is excited for what is to come, and we look forward to seeing the England Transplant Football Association expand further with us being behind the team with our support.``

Like our football association, the NKF’s committee consists of transplant patients working to benefit transplant patients. With similar roles: “campaigning for the renal provision and treatment improvements and national patient support services”.

Who are the NKF?

The NKF is one of the most recognised Kidney Charities in the UK, supporting more than 3 million kidney patients.

It is the umbrella organisation for 49 Kidney patients Association (KPAS) nationally, which are the vital link between patients and the organisation. The role of these Kidney Patient Associations is to provide support for kidney patients on a local level.

All KPAs are charities in their own right and they can often be found in hospital renal units. These charities can offer patient support financially, emotionally and help with medical advice.

Getting Support

Their online patient support service has rapidly become the hub of the renal community, receiving over 300K visits per month. Offering professional advice from kidney consultants, doctors and nurses on real-time patient issues and concerns. 

You can also get the new NKF Kidney dialysis and transplant patients card. It’s free to order and fits in your wallet or purse to alert paramedics in an emergency. You can order your support pack by calling the number below or emailing the NKF at: helpline@kidney.org.uk.

For those that do not have access to computers, the NKF runs a FREE National Kidney Patient’s HELPLINE – 0800 169 09 36

What other information do the NKF Offer?

The NKF creates and distributes more than 200 medical information leaflets specifically for kidney patients and distributes hundreds of thousands of them throughout the UK.

You can find access to the more helpful Kidney related information Here.


Get Involved in Transplant Football

If you are interested in more information about the England Transplant Football Association, please email info@transplantfootball.com. You can listen to our Podcast on the national transplant football strategy ‘Transplants Take on Sport‘.

Or you can find a local event, tournament or trial by clicking get involved.

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