Mission Statement

To promote and develop the sport of Transplant Football and the development of persons interested in the sport primarily across England, but not excluding Wales.

ETFA will provide any person who has received an organ donation, Stem-Cell or Bone Marrow transplant the opportunity to access Transplant Football at a grassroots, club and national level.

To maintain the organisation’s non-profit status and provide funds to allow the above operations to function where required.





What is Futsal?

Futsal is a faster-paced small-sided version of the football association game aimed at all ages.

It is a fantastic way of improving your fitness, and overall basic ball skills. It is now commonly used in training to improve players for 11-aside football.  As using the sole of the foot to dribble the ball. Improves tight & precise control on a fast & limited playing space.

“In Futsal, you see whether a player is really talented. In normal football you don’t necessarily identify talent as easily because it’s so much more physical. But with Futsal, you notice the small details in quality, class and tactical understanding.” Xavi 


How is Futsal different from football?

Futsal is different from football in that the game is played indoors on a hard court pitch. Each team consist of five players, playing 20 minutes each half. You use a size 4 ball which is heavier and has around 30% less bounce.

” There’s no offsides in Futal”.

This Brazilian import has the fast-paced flair & creativity to engage children and adults making the game inclusive and fun.

Source: G Element

Where can I Play Futsal?

Futsal is played on small-sized pitches (40 meters by 25 meters max). Indoors or outdoors on a hard surface with no walls or barriers. It consists of 5 players on each team.

The game has a National Futsal Series in the UK, consisting of 2 tiers. But the sport is growing rapidly at the grassroots level as development aid for youth teams.

England Transplant Football Association will be engaging clubs to include Transplant recipients 11+ and running U-try hubs.

We will also be partnering with official Futsal organisations to promote the sport in the Transplant community.

Where Can I find a local Futsal Club near me?

You can visit  www.englandfootball.com  to find a local club near you.

Or ask your local County Football Development officer.

Rules of Futsal

  • Teams consist of 5 players
  • Fly subs, like in Hockey
  • No offside rule
  • No goalkeeper punts, ball must stay below head height
  • No slide tackles allowed
  • There are no throw ins from the sideline, only kick in by the foot
  • There are no throw ins from the sideline, only kick in by the foot
  • Free kicks and corners have to be 5 yards away
  • All players behind the ball on a penalty, apart from taker

ETFA Futsal Coach


  • Development Officer